Doc bugs in the tutorial[NOTED]

You may not think some of these are bugs, but here are the notes I made as I worked through:

General: “Note how nothing is selected” in the Group Mode isn’t actually true. The Group Mode control is a mutually exclusive set of buttons: one of the three modes must always be set. To do the tutorial I stayed in the leftmost mode unless instructed otherwise.

Tutorial 5D: I can’t see the “next button in the inspector footer bar”. (icon of book spines was too small to be recognizable on Samsung netbook)

5e: to get to keywords HUD I had to click on the gear. Clicking on the key did nothing. There was no colour disk in Keywords HUD.
Keywords HUD wasn’t populated with “try this one”

5f: Snapshots window not pre-populated.

I don’t know which version of the Beta I have because there’s no “About” in the Help field. Windows XP, Samsung netbook.

Thanks for the tool! Now I’m off to write.

7: Section 2 has a lot of underlined text as if spell-check is on.

“When you do so, you will notice that the left icon in the toolbar changes:” Which toolbar?

Step 17: The text marked “This is a footnote” isn’t. Same for annotation.

Thank you. These issues have now been address.