doc2any.exe and AVG

Hmmm. Oddly the free version of AVG came up with a “corrupted executable file” on this particular file:

“Object name”;“C:\Program Files\Scrivener\docformats\doc2any.exe”
“Detection name”;“Corrupted executable file”
“Object type”;“file”
“SDK Type”;“Core”
“Result”;“Moved to Virus Vault”
“Action history”;“Moved to Virus Vault”

I just formatted and reinstalled (OS included) because of a virus myself (antivirus.Net).

Any ideas?


Running Windows 7 Ultimate.

I just noticed the same thing on my netbook, it’s running XP home edtion SP3 with all the updates. with Scriv. 1.5

I have found the same; something to look in to!
Details I found on my Win XP SP3; AVG Anti-viruse Free Edition 2011 v 10.0.1204 DB 1435/3406 (most up to-date version) reports: Scrivener\docformats\doc2any.exe as a ‘corrupted executable file’ and moves it to the virus vault. I did find this in Scrivener version1.4 but when I noted it Scrivener 1.5 was available so I moved to try it but AVG is clearly still reporting and acting on this issue. As an update also with Scrivener 1.55.

Thanks folks. I’ll look into this. I have requested a new file from the vendor as Scrivener does not currently use this file.

Great. Sorted from 1.6 onwards.

I had no end of problems when I had a windows partition and was using AVG. It saw LILO (my boot loader that I kind of need to boot–windows and linux) and deleted it, saying it was an MBR virus. Was I in for a surprise the next time I rebooted. There was no way of shutting off scanning the MBR. I swtiched to Avira, and didn’t have much issue after that.