and Scrivener compile

Don’t know if this is a support need or a wish list. But I’m supremely frustrated with the Scrivener compile. I’ve assigned various text and formatting styles to my layouts. These styles comport with styles I use in Word 365, which are saved to my template. But when I compile, Scrivener creates a file, where none of my text styles convey to Word. Even worse, the word document obviously isn’t using my universal template, but some other Scrivener generated template. So the styles I like to use are missing. Which means Ihave to recreate them and do a crap-ton of editing in the word document before I can send the manuscript to my editor.

It’s maddening and furstrationg and huge time suck. I love writing in scrivener. But every time I have to turn a Scrivener file into something my editor can use, I end up in tears. You need to work on this. I’m traditionally published and my publishing house uses word for good or bad. And they use certain formats and text styles. Not being able set them up in Scrivener and then have them convey to word in the compile process is a maddening waste of my time.

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Try compiling with this turned on in your compile format:


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