"Document link" broken after I moved to new laptop - how to locate?

Hi, I recently migrated (w migration assistant) to a new Mac laptop, and my Scrivener projects are working fine, except for one issue. In one project, I have a note where I have pasted the link to another note in the same project file (using the “copy document link” command) – except the file-path is now broken, and when I click, it doesn’t open anything. I assume that maybe the file name / path is somehow changed due to the new laptop, even though everything is still stored in Dropbox. Do you know how I can re-set this link, or at least adequately search (via Scrivener, or my Laptop/spotlight search) to find what note I was referencing here?
To recap, I have a note that is titled “See this other possible quote for the conclusion”, and then I had pasted in the body of the note, the document-link to another note, ie: “x-scrivener-item:///Users/myharrddrivename/Library/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/SCulp_Chap7_KyleStyleJul1023.scriv?id=8F5ED7CE-7129-4929-A529-1C0570250349”
But clicking that does nothing, and can’t figure out where that note would be, so my “great idea” is lost to me! Thanks for any help, Best, Samantha


Create a dummy link to another document just like you did before.

Then get the full path of the link like you did just now to post it here on the forum. … →

Compare the two, and what is different in the path (file name aside) between the new link and the old, edit in, in the old link.

Up to:

Right click the old link, > Edit link. Paste in / overwrite the part that is different in the new link.

…And then, when things are right again, trash the dummy link you’ve created just so you could fix your issue.


Oh my gosh, of course! Thank you SO MUCH for the quick and kind reply, I feel like a dummy for not thinking of that -but of course it worked! Much appreciated.

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A true/real dummy wouldn’t have asked for help. You don’t fit the profile.


As an aside, if you are linking to something in the same project, you can use a much safer kind of link for this. It can be as simply done as dragging and dropping the item you want to link to into the text editor, to create a link to it by name. You can also select text and drop the item onto the selection to use the existing text for the link.

The kind of link you created is what you would use to link between entirely different projects, or really from anywhere at all that can store a link.

There are other ways of creating links as well, lots of ways! Refer to §10.1, Linking Documents Together, in the user manual PDF, for all of the options.