"Document Notes" question

In my current document, when I press Return while in Document Notes, it double spaces; whereas, in other documents, the Return key single spaces. How can I get the Return key to effect single spacing in my current document’s Document Notes?

I’m using Scrivener 2.3.1.


Click in the notes pane, cmd-A to select it all, then Formatting > Text > Spacing (or click on the button on the formatting bar).

This will bring up the spacing dialogue allowing you to change to single spacing.




What was curious was that when I first entered the Formatting > Text > Spacing window, it showed the spacing as single though in Document Notes it was double, but when I exited it (i.e., clicked OK), the spacing in Notes changed to single.



Curious. It doesn’t do that for me.

You can achieve the effect you want though? If not, you may want to report this to the developers.



I’ve noticed that sometimes the spacing values can get out of sync with actual formatting. The formatting is okay, and using the controls will effect the desired changes, so as far as I know it is just a display bug. As David says, let us know if you couldn’t actually change the formatting for your notes. That should be working just fine. In fact you should have full access to the Format Bar while in the Notes pane, too.