Document notes vanished after reopening project

My project notes have completely vanished. I opened the project up and they were gone. I was able to recover them from an older version of my work, but this is one bug that needs to be fixed since I use the project notes box a lot. I’m using the Windows version of the software. One more thing. When I was highlighting my old notes to copy/paste them into Open Office (I’m backing them up that way so I don’t lose them again) nothing highlighted at all, though the copy function worked. It’s as if a chunk of code dealing with the Project notes box has been disabled.

Correction: For Project Notes Box I actually mean the Document Notes Box in the lower right-hand corner.

I’ve split this into a new topic, since it isn’t related to the issue of inspector comments and footnotes.

I can’t reproduce the issue of the selected text in notes not being highlighted. If you close and reopen the project, are you still seeing that reliably? Does it occur only for one document’s notes or for all documents? Does text in the main editor appear correctly when selected?

As far as the notes vanishing, to be clear, you mean that your binder document A had document (not project) notes, and after you closed and reopened the project, that note text was gone? Or was it a glitch with the document notes area of the inspector not appearing at all? There’s no way to collapse the notes area, so this shouldn’t happen. It is possible to change the notes to show the project notes instead. Did you verify it hadn’t switched to that? There was a bug in the past where certain actions could trigger the project loading with the project notes rather than document nots showing, so I’m wondering if you ran into something like that, and it just looked like the document notes text was missing.