Document Notes

Is there a way to view all of the document notes from each chapter in a scrivings fashion?

To my knowledge, there’s not a way to do this directly in the program, but you can do it fairly easily by compiling all the notes and then importing that document into Scrivener. You’ll then be able to view that compiled set of notes in the editor like other documents; it won’t be linked to the “real” document notes, though, so you won’t be able to edit the text in the compiled notes and see it reflected in the document notes in the inspector. It’s great though for gathering the big picture on edits you want to make (or whatever you actually keep in Doc Notes–yours may be entirely different) and you can always easily copy/paste any changes back into the other section.

To compile the notes, go to File>Compile… and choose in the Content pane all the documents whose notes you want to pull together. In the Formatting pane, opt-click one of the boxes in the “notes” column and deselect everything else for all document types and levels. (You might want to also include all the titles, to give context to your notes.) If you export as a .rtf, you can easily pull it back into Scrivener to view there and even chunk it up if you so desire.