Document References Appearing in Compiled Document

Okay, I’m sure this will be resolved by checking/unchecking the right tick box in the Compile Section, but I can’t work out which is the box I need!

When I compile my manuscript (to Word) at the start of each document (Chapter/Scene) is a reference number (which looks like Scrivener’s own internal numbering system). On the attached picture you can see 2.1.1 appear above the words Chapter 1. I don’t want these on my manuscript, but I’m not sure what I need to tick/untick to remove them. Any ideas?

Many thanks!
Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 13.54.39.jpg

The title is generated via three different pieces of information, the prefix, suffix and binder title itself. These are all mutually exclusive, which means you can create generic titles like “Chapter #”, or combine them with the names of the items in your Binder outline. If you disable the Title checkbox in the Formatting pane and still see bits of the title, then you’ve got a prefix or suffix as well, and will need to turn that off with the Section Layout… button.

Incidentally you may just want to replace whatever is there with Chapter <$n> and disable your own internal titles with the checkbox. Scrivener will handle the chapter numbering for you, so you don’t have to be renaming folders in the Binder whenever something is moved around.

Section Layout is documented starting on pg. 376 of the user manual, and Formatting in general is §24.11 (pg. 371).

Firstly, AmberV, many thanks for your response.

After going through the manual pages you referred to, I’ve removed all tick boxes and text from where you suggest (see pictures), but I’m still experiencing the same problem- the numbers at the start of each scene.

I’m still missing something, but I can’t see what. Any ideas? (My document is 136000 words, so I have quite a few scenes. Deleting them in the Word version manually takes time!)
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All right, if the counter isn’t in your compile settings, then the next place to look is in the text itself. It would probably be easiest to just do a global search for the type of counter you’re having problems with. This looks like an <$hn> counter to me.

Hi AmberV,

Thanks for your suggestion. I did a global search for the <$hn> counter, but couldn’t find anything!

However, I have resolved the issue in that I can compile and produce a Word document without those numbers. I noticed that in the Compile box, the Format Option was set as ‘Custom’. When I changed this to ‘Original’ my problem was resolved.

Anyway, thank you for all of your suggestions!

Okay, it’s likely that somewhere in the Formatting pane you had that <$hn> code tucked away in a title prefix (keep in mind these are discrete from the “Title” checkbox, which merely prints out the name of the item being compiled, you can use a prefix or suffix independently from this as a way of using a generic title, such as “Chapter #” and leaving the binder names themselves invisible to the reader). My guess, both from the formatting example and the five-depth layout is that you at one point compiled your draft as using the “Enumerated Outline” preset and perhaps just decided to take it from there, hence, “Custom”. Setting it to Original will just dump out the editor contents in a linear sequence without doing much else to the document, so it’s a safe bet when you’re hunting down a gremlin.