Document suddenly crashes Scrivener, everytime

OK, this is quite frustrating, as if it cannot be solved, I’ll lose over a week’s worth of work… but ok

I was working on a Scrivener document an hour ago that I’ve created back in May and has always worked fine. A few weeks ago, sometimes, when I clicked in the Binder to change to another item, the spinning “beach ball” would appear, that Scrivener would shut down and a Mac OS X error message would come up. As I never lost any data, I didn’t bother.

But since the latest of these crashes (just now), I cannot reopen the document. Whenever I try, by either double-clicking on it in the finder or trying to load it from within Scrivener, it will just give me the beach ball, then Scrivener shuts down – error message.

I’ve tried copying the document somewhere else on the harddrive and starting it from there, renaming it; I even – in the Finder (show package content) – found the item I had last clicked on in the Binder before Scrivener crashed, deleted it from the package and tried to load it again… nothing worked so far.

Is there anything else I can do?

I’m using Scrivener V1.03. I have not added any new documents, media files or even ordinary Binder items before the latest crash; all I did was labelling items and adding keywords, then, as I said, upon clicking on the next Binder item, Scrivener crashed.

I really hope one of you can help here.
Thank you in advance.


P.S.: I should add that other documents open fine and that I have not installed anything on my iBook between when everything was OK and the permanent crashing.

I’ve found a solution – for anybody experiencing the same, I’ll post it here:

I just opened Scrivener from a new user account, the document loaded fine, backed it up under a new name and only then could run it from the original account. What that was, I don’t know.

Glad you solved your problem. But it would be great to find out what it’s cause
might have been. This looks like a job for superAmber.


Did you get any crash reports (found in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter)? If Scrivener crashes, it is alwasy really helpful to look for the crash report and post it on the Bug Hunt forum along with an exact description of what happened, otherwise there is not much I can do to help.

I’m glad you found a fix, but if you can still post the crash report on here I would be grateful.

Thanks and all the best,

– double post –

I think I found out what caused the problem; copy-pasting (or exporting, can’t remember) a certain text document from another application changed the list symbols in this document from dots (•) to something rather strange that looked somewhat like the letter J. I didn’t mind, but selecting this document in the Binder crashed Scrivener. After I had deleted it, everything worked fine.