Document Template with boiler-plate Synopsis

I created a document template with a generic synopsis to remind me to include key elements for each scene. But when I’m in outline mode, and I create a new document, instead of it just highlighting the title, it also highlights the synopsis text too. This prevents me simply typing in the name of the document. After I use the mouse to select and then edit the title, hitting tab takes me to the next existing document, and hitting ENTER just ends the edit mode on the new item (hitting ENTER again gives me a new document from the template).

Shouldn’t the behavior be to first select just the title, and then shouldn’t hitting the ENTER key select the boilerplate text so that I can overwrite it after reminding myself of what I’m supposed to put in it’s place?

(Edited to reflect that ENTER usually takes me to the synopsis field, if there is no text already there, not Tab).

This isn’t a bug, it’s just the standard OS X behaviour. I agree your suggestion is better, though, so have implemented it for the next update.

All the best,

Hooray! :smiley: