Document Templates and Project Templates

I can’t find a way to use Project templates, or document templates on my iPad. Am I missing something?
I would really like to use character and scene sketches, but I can’t figure out how

There are no project templates, but as for document templates, if you search for that term in the tutorial project on your iPad, you will find instructions for setting them up and using them.

Thank you Amber, that was helpful

Just one more thing…
I don’t see anyway to search the whole tutorial. I have to drill down through individual files and search those individually. In the end I didn’t find it by searching, I found it by drilling down through the pages until I saw one named document templates.
Technically, I suppose that is searching, but not the kind of searching I expect from a computer.

The binder sidebar uses the same common convention a number of iOS programs do, where if you scroll all the way up, past the top, a search mechanism will appear.

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Thanks! You’re the best

I used MacBook app year back - I have the ipad app but when I begin a new project it doesn’t offer the option of a template e.g. I used it for my masters degree/or for writing a book etc now it just gives options of press the + button etc.

Is this option not available on the ipad app?

Sally, project templates aren’t available on the iPad version. What I did was create blank projects on Windows using the templates I like and copied them to my iPad. Instead of creating a new project I copy one of the blanks.
My hope is, on the next version, templates become a web service so they are available to all versions and can be added to by the community. Which could be possible source for L&L to make some recurring revenue they need to make Scrivener more profitable.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me!! I am off to see if I can do as you suggest - hopefully I wont have to ask how lol ;]]]]]]

You can get around this by creating your own “template projects” within Scrivener by building what you want and exporting the whole thing to Files or Documents. Then just open the project you want when you need to create it.

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