Document title - auto set without italics?

When I create a new document in a project, the first words of the document become the title (which I want) but italicized (which I don’t). Thus I wind up having to name each document which I often don’t want to do. I searched the forums for this question and found one in 2009 that recommended Documents/AutoFill/Clear Title but that does the opposite - for the documents selected, it clears titles (makes sense, given the menu name!).

Since I typically have a title in each doc, it is a pain to have to go in and retitle it if/when I change the title in the doc.

Also is there a way via template or something to set the first line in a doc to be a Header style like MacOS does with its Notes app?

The title is in italics on purpose to let you know it doesn’t have a title yet, whiles still giving you a clue of what the document is.

To automatically set the title :

Or select the text you want as your title and right click :

(These are screenshots from the Windows version.)

Thanks - that helps to do it manually. I was wondering if there was a setting so that I could do that as a default for all new docs across projects?

No such thing (that I know of).
But when you create a new document, it is already awaiting a title.

Any automatic function would have to take a guess as to what you want. — Surely you don’t want complete sentences as your titles ?

You can also auto title when you split a document.
The split occurs at the beginning of the text selection, the selection being set as the title for the newly created document. (See my second screenshot, two functions up the one my cursor is on.)

There is not a setting to do that automatically, for a few reasons:

  • If the first line actually is a heading, there is not much utility I can fathom in having two copies of that heading stored as separate text, that must be edited separately if a revision is made. Might as well have one print the value of the other as you change it.

  • As noted above, this is not italic in the sense of that being formatting, nor would it have any meaningful impact on compile. In most cases an italic grey binder title won’t compile at all. There is a setting to make that happen, but it would only be used in fairly niche cases since the text such a title would be derived from is already in the text, and even then it would necessarily come out italic. That would be up to the Section Layout to determine the formatting of the heading. All the italic means is that the item doesn’t have a formal binder title. It’s a visual signal to you, of that state, which given how the compiler normally doesn’t do anything with them, is very important information.

  • In most cases, and in the sense of how Scrivener is designed to be used, the formal binder title (in black) is meant to be capable of use in generating headings. One doesn’t type into the text editor at all, ideally. So having a feature that promoted that would be at bit at odds with the design.

    In the following screenshot, you will see one binder title in the top left being transposed to different heading designs, via Section Layouts.


  • Thus, given all of the above, the intended use of the “nameless” item is more for cases where there is no intended heading in the output, such as smaller sections of text within a longer section, like a chapter with scenes in it. In that case the use of a generic “scene 21” name in the binder may be less useful than just printing the first bit of text from the first paragraph—where again it makes sense to have one data source driving the display rather than two separate piece of information that have be edited twice if revised.

You can read more about the capability in general, in the user manual PDF, §7.2, Titles and Adaptive Naming.