Document Variable Placeholder Tags don't work in headers?

I’m trying to compile something, and the document variables listed in the placeholder tags info sheet don’t seem to work. They don’t get replaced with anything. I haven’t tested ALL of them, but I’ve tried <$title> and <$label> and <$synopsis> and they all remain unchanged.

Here’s a screenshot of my page setup options in Compile:

Am I doing something obviously wrong? The project title, page number, and name tags all work perfectly, but I can’t get the thing to generate a PDF with the titles of individual documents at the top of every page?

Thanks for any help!!

Document level tags aren’t going to work in the header and footer, because these are universal to the entire document. It would require a lot of work to make these contextual to the current section that is being compile. It is theoretically possible in RTF to do that, but the RTF exporter doesn’t support that feature, and thus it would have to be hacked in by hand.

If you need sectional headers, it would be best to use a word processor or publishing application for this.

Hm, okay, that’s too bad, but thanks for the reply! I’ll stop searching frantically now :slight_smile:

Yeah, it would be nice, but when you think about how Scrivener works, it could be pretty difficult to actually pull off; and I’m speaking from a conceptual standpoint here, not a technical one. Consider that sections in Scrivener might be very tiny—there might six of them on a single two-page spread, so which title/label/etc should be used for the header on that page? There are other problems as well, but its one of those things that would probably only work in very specific circumstances, and so thus present a confusing front in most other circumstances and be more support trouble than it is worth.

Yeah, that makes sense. I suppose I can export to .doc or something and manually edit in chapter titles. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I too was wondering why this was happening… glad to have found out what was going on, but a bit disappointed that it isn’t possible to do, even though I’m trying to compile a single document.

I’m not sure if this is possible or even desired, but it would have been nice for the program (or even the compiled document) to mention that we’re trying to use a placeholder tag in a way that’s not effective. Or maybe just mention on the placeholder tag list which can be used on headers and which can’t.



While the manual has yet to list all of the placeholders, it does have a table of valid header/footer placeholders in the appropriate section on Page Settings (which argh! lost its width settings in the last revision, but the salient info is visible), on pg. 283.

Aha! Well spotted! :slight_smile:

But it brings me to my other issue, which I’ve listed here.