Documentary Script template issue

When using this template the only file open is the “Documentary Format” info.
When I click on Scene nothing happens.
When I add a new scene the same.
When I delete the Format info I only see a screen that says no selection. It stays like that even when I select Sample Script, Notes, Research, Etc and try to add new text to those folders,

Other document templates work like novel and screenplay.

Running on Windows 10 enterprise, V1903

Hi lizjamar,

I’m not clear on what you’re describing. Could you upload a screenshot please?


Found the same thing. I selected the template for a Documentary Script and created a new project from that. I found that the setting Navigate->Binder Selection Affects was set to None. Changing it to Current Editor resolves the issue.Annotation 2020-03-10 111334.png

I didn’t even know NONE was possible! :slight_smile:

Neither did I. I thought the editor was locked and stumbled across that by accident. Not sure why you would want to set that to none…

I guess if I had a doc loaded into the right editor pane, whose contents was driving a restructure of the binder, and I was busy moving items around from the binder to an outliner in the left editor pane–in that scenario it would save me a couple of mouse clicks to be able to just freeze everything in place by selecting Binder Selects = None.

Or am I reaching here? :mrgreen:

Nope, that was one of the first use cases I thought of.

Not a far reach. I hadn’t contemplated something like that. Interesting to note.