Documents stored on iCloud won't open

Suddenly I’m unable to open my documents stored on iCloud. All my work is stored there. What’s going on? Then, my original log on to the help site didn’t work. I had to re-register. I’ve used Scrivener for years. I’m so disappointed. Some type of fix should be coming quickly and I expect a reply. I’m just sick about this… My life is in those documents. The backups of the documents which are stored on my hard drive will not open as well.

First, please make sure that your iCloud settings have “Optimize Mac Storage” set to OFF, as this is a known corruptor of Scriv projects. To check this, open System Preferences, click on iCloud, then click the Options… button next to iCloud Drive. The “Optimize Mac storage” checkbox at the bottom of the window should be UNTICKED.

Beyond this, it’s very hard to diagnose data loss issues in the forums. I’d suggest you contact L&L tech support directly.