Does anyone know anything about Story Planner App?

Does anyone know anything about Story Planner App? I found it referenced in the Scrivener Mac forum under the bizarre heading of BREXIT (almost certainly as a piece of product placement, but wtf?) , and visited the site.

It claims to be able to export its outlining stuff directly into Scrivener, something I currently do from an excellent little Japanese app called Tree which has sadly recently died - but as the story planner site itself has no street address, pedigree or app history and the domain was registered through amazon, I’m a little suspicious. Anyone know anything?
It lives here:

As always, TIA


Just from their web page, it looks like a clunky app designed by someone who doesn’t write.

If you want to work with an outliner and then import directly into Scrivener, choose an outlining app that exports to OPML. You import the OPML into Scrivener, and it retains the hierachy and the notes. (See page 825 of Scrivener manual.)

OmniOutliner is about the best outliner on the Mac. There are also free outliners on the web, like Workflowy, Some mind-mapping software like Mindnode export to OPML as well.

I use iThoughts (both Mac and iOS) for that, and it works well together with Scrivener.


I use the app on IPad and Mac Book, you can plan everything in prinzipt, then export it to Scrivener. To be found under Project Export to Scrivener.
After export you have to open it with Scrivener, because the one scrivener file is created or you import this into an existing project, thereby individual folders are created, like places, figures and scenes.

I think it’s a great addition to Scrivener in conjunction with Scapple, perfect.

Sorry my english is not that good.


I’ve never been comfortable with those ‘guided planning’ apps. Most of what something like that offers can be duplicated through the use of templates within Scrivener itself. Give me a nice tree structure similar to the binder, and I’m good to go.

Is there an app similar to OmniOutliner except for Windows?

Word… although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of OminiOutline, it comes very close.

I just used Story Planner to outline my most recent novel, and I thought it worked brilliantly. It imported well into Scrivener. I will almost assuredly use it again in the future.

I’m a major Scrivener power user, so normally I couldn’t be bothered. But I just had a plotting disaster and StoryPlanner saved me - and once I was finished reconstructing everything, I exported it as a Scrivener project and boom - there it all was, ready to be worked on. It’s definitely worth looking at. Like any program, some of what it offers is too much and leads to overthinking, but a lot of it is spectacular for fiction. (Novel writing here, not screenplay – I think it would be even more useful for Screenplays.)

Syncs well across all Mac devices, and so far, seems to run quite smooth.

How nice of them to lock out those of us who can’t update to Catalina.

Wow, I’m confused.

There are TWO Story Planner apps—one is a web app,, and the other is an iOS or Mac app, Story Planner for Writers, by Most of this thread appears to be talking about the web app. Is anyone talking about the iOS app? (JTellison and Devinganger it seems like y’all might be talking about iOS/Mac rather than web.)

I’m not interested in the web app but might be interested in the iOS /Mac app.

I was talking about the same app the OP posted,

I see the icons for the iOS and Mac OS stores. Where do you see that this is a web app?

As for the second URL you mention, when I click on the Story Planner app it takes me to the first website. This leads me to believe that the Liternauts page is the parent company and Story Planner is one of their products…but I could be wrong.

storyplanner.COM/ == web app

storyplanner.APP/ == Mac / iOS app

As far as I can tell, completely different companies.

Yes, but this was not the URL that the OP and subsequent discussion were talking about.

Instead, we were talking about which redirects to which is the URL in my screenshot above. Almost all of the posts actually talking about Story Planner talk about sync, or iOS, or export to Scrivener – none of which apply to the web app. This is the very same URL you linked to in your initial post that I responded to.

Thanks for the clarification.

Hi JT, On the basis of your post, I came back to look at it again to see if it might help me sort a plot problem. But I can’t seem to work out the mechanics of getting the Storyplanner data into Scrivener.
I exported using the EXPORT TO SCRIVENER option, which produced a zipfile. Then I got stuck. Renaming to .scriv told me the zipfile had no binder. Simply importing it into an empty scrivener project didn’t work.
I’m almost certainly just being dense, but how did you get it into scrivener?

Zip-files need to be de-zipped, unpacked.
Double-click the zip-file. That should result in a .scriv folder/package.

Oh, it was simple. I should have thought of that. :blush:


Thank you for this discussion, it appears to be just what I need. I’m editing my third novel, researching my fourth, and have to create a new structure each time. This should help.