Does anyone know how to get help from Scrivener team? I just want to access my work and am at a complete loss.

Scrivener has malfunctioned and won’t let me access any of my work–huge problem as a person with deadlines working in scrivener. I went back and forth with katherine from support, sent her a file, sent her all of the error messages I’m getting, and she told me she doesn’t know what the problem is. That took three days. She mentioned a ‘person in another time zone’ who might be able to help me, but now I’ve stopped receiving any responses and I have no idea what to do to be able to access my work. There is only so many times I can tell an editor I’m having software issues. I have requested maybe 9 or 10 times that someone from scrivener call me so that we can try to resolve the issue on the phone quickly instead of spending tens of hours slowly going back and forth over email, nothing. Apparently that’s not possible.
It seems that because they don’t know what’s going wrong I’m just supposed to stop asking, accept that I’m not going to be able to access my years of work stored in scrivener files, and stop using the program??
Has anyone ever had success with getting technical support directly from the company? Please, I am getting desperate, I just want to access my work.
If there is anyone here who can provide real, live support I will pay money for it. Problem is partially described in previous posts.

I am “technical support directly from the company.” As is Ioa, the head of support, who is the “person in another time zone” I asked for assistance.

I am sorry that we have not been able to resolve your problem yet. We will keep at it for as long as necessary.


did you ever get this resolved? I too need live support and willing to pay for it!!!

It looks like you have a couple of help tickets active with my colleagues on the tech-support team. Have you followed up with them for additional guidance?

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