Does anyone know what fonts are common to S3 on Mac and PC?

System fonts obviously, to avoid me digging around and installing extras. MacOS latest version. Windows10 latest version.

I want to set the default font the same on both platforms to avoid those “Font not found, using this instead” messages which means manually fixing the font in the file from time to time. Obviously I would want to try them out on both systems to make sure my ‘writer brain’ liked them.

I could do a side by side comparison somewhere and make a list of of likely candidates, but was hoping someone might already have one.

The boring ones, Arial and Times New Roman!

I use Times New Roman in projects I share with my Windows-using collaborator.



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Thanks @xiamenese I should have thought of those. :+1::innocent:

Does this help?

Other than those “usual suspects”, the only safe fonts are the ones you tested and installed yourself. e.g. from

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Another free font source is, my personal favorite.


There are two different areas which in my opinion or taste require different fonts.

First: The editor. Using a serif font in the editor is a no go for me. Perhaps it’s my eyes, but serif on the screen doesn’t do me good. I use a font I found in a distraction free editor app. The font can be downloaded at GitHub even without buying the app. The font IAWriter Quattro is pleasing to the my eyes and somewhat encourage one to keep on typing.

Second: Compile to paper or PDF, serif fonts like Times or Palatino are great, and these fonts or their equivalents I do believe are installed on Macs and Wins alike.

As there is no right or wrong writing, there is no right or wrong fonts. It is what you like, what counts. You can make it as ugly or pretty you like…

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Thank you, @November_Sierra @Silverdragon @Solvberg

It’s incredible how few fonts the two systems have in common, or rather, how many different ones they have chosen compared to each other.

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Any font you need, you can install on both devices.

Thanks, @drmajorbob , yes, I that is feasible, but I wanted a ‘lazy’ solution.
Hitting my wordcount is what matters most and anything that distracts from that can cause issues. I work across 5 different systems, 3 different OS, and installing the same fonts to all of them would just feel like hard work.
That’s just me. I write, I prefer to minimise fiddling about.
I know it wouldn’t take long to do, but it would be something that would provide a minor irritation every time I switched to a new device in the future, which is why I wanted to keep it to existing common font(s) across MacOS, iOS and W10.

If writing is what counts, then write. Let the two systems use different fonts all they want and at the end, Compile with the font you want, on a system that has it.

I already do that - I just wanted to avoid the error messages and jarring changes in the text between systems.
Maybe that doesn’t bother anyone else, but it wouldn’t be good if we were all the same would it?
As I’m always telling people - find YOUR way of working, and ignore everyone else.

I use Source Code Pro as a writing font, and I’ve had no difficulties with it working between Mac, Linux, and more seldom, Windows and iOS.

Install the fonts you need, then. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes to find a font and install it. Do you use dozens of fonts?