Does anyone use the Screenplay template

I am setting up to start a new novel and in digging a bit into script formatting, etc. can see some advantages to the general layout for novel writing.
Has anyone used this approach to facilitate laying out scenes?
The next questions are: If so, how successful was it and would you use that system again?


I have also used screenplay formats during the initial stages of writing a novel to get believable dialogue down quickly and for setting up the scenes. (But this was with the Mac version so YMMV.)

Now and then I’ve used scriptwriting conventions to get a first draft dialogue. It’s nice not having to bother with all of the syntax that goes into dialogue in prose, and for that I find I can write more closely to the cadence of the dialogue that’s going on in my mind. I consider it a useful occasionally used tool.

What’s nice about the technique, mechanically speaking, in Scrivener is that you can freely switch between input modes even as you write within the same file. Just hit Ctrl–4, flesh out some dialogue, Ctrl–4 again to go back to prose and so on.

That is nice. I hadn’t made the connection that I could switch modes within a document!