Does Dark Mode work for Scapple in Mojave?

I’m still running Mojave for various reasons and was wondering if Scapple added Dark Mode support before discontinuing updates for 10.14? It’s mentioned in several release notes but I can’t seem to find the option anywhere. Thanks

Yes, Dark Mode has been in Scapple since shortly after 10.14 was released. It’s not an option in the software itself, rather like most software, it follows the global Mac setting.

Thank you AmberV. That’s strange, I’ve had dark mode active since installing Mojave a few years ago and Scapple has never opened or appeared in Dark Mode.The only thing that changes in Scapple when I switch from Light to Dark mode is the window around my Scapple document but not the document itself.

Oh, that’s normal! It’s not going to change your board appearance because there would be no good way of doing that dynamically. Think of it more like how Preview works with PDF in dark mode. The window, menus and everything are dark, but the PDF isn’t going to change.

You can make dark themed boards and style sets though. I use dark mode exclusively, so my default Scapple setup is geared toward that by using a dark background and styles that look good with it. Here’s one such example board:

dark_rose.scap (9.4 KB)

If you set up something you would like to work with as a default, rather than the shock light defaults:

  • In the Inspector: Document Settings area, click the Set As Defaults button after picking a background colour, and optionally a default text/line colour (note that “Clear” means black or white depending upon the background).
  • In settings, General tab, click the Set From Current Document button to make the board’s styles your defaults for new boards.
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Ah I didn’t know that function in the Inspector, sorry! That’s brilliant, I’ve now changed my defaults and changed my current document to a dark grey background and the text changed to white automatically. Thanks so much for that tip!!