Does installing 3.0 uninstall earlier versions?

I have Scrivener 1.9 and am thinking of upgrading. If I upgrade to 3.0, does that uninstall Scrivener 1.9? I would like to be able to use either one for a while, until I have 3.0 set up the way I want it and everything migrated. My existing license is old enough (2015) that I will be paying for a full new license for Scrivener 3.0. Thank you.

I have read at other places in this forum that you can install and run both versions in parallel. They don’t share settings either, so you can change a setting in V3 without affecting your V1.9 installation. - Just how a decently behaving Windows application should do.

Once you open an old project in V3 it will ask you whether you want to convert it to the new version and will make a backup it you do. I’d nevertheless make a copy of the project first, rename that copy to xxxx-V3.scriv and then start working V3 on the copy. Just to play it the safe way.

Yes, I have both v1.9 and v3.0 running on my PC.

In addition to what @NorbVor pointed out:

Whichever program you installed last will be the one Windows launches when you double-click on a .scrivx file. That won’t matter to you if you typically launch Scrivener, then open your projects from inside Scrivener using File > Open/Recent Projects.

Both programs will create zipped backups as you close projects. Consider whether you want the backups to go into the same folder or into separate folders. I have zipped backups configured to go into the same folder–my v1.9 projects are named accordingly, so I can tell what’s what–but for what you’re doing, it might be less confusing to have your backups go to different folders.