Does KEEP WITH NEXT work with Section prefix/suffix? (part 2)

Related to my previous post, I am having difficulty telling the compiler to KEEP WITH the Separator that follows it.

You’ll note in Sample 1 below that directly following the Chapter Title is what I call a Scene Sequence number, flush on the right margin. I created it as a Separator. The Scene Sequence is a folder in the Binder holding the scenes. (And the Chapter Title is a folder containing the Scene Sequences.)

I created the space between the Chapter Title and Scene Sequence in the compiler Separator>Separator Before Sections field by choosing a Single Return.

But when the Chapter Title falls at the end of a page, as in Sample 4 below, the Scene Sequence separator is pushed to the next page. How do I keep them together?

At a guess, rather than using returns, I’d try setting you header styles with “Space before”. I don’t know about separators but I’d try the same there.

That’s just a guess. I can see how using returns wouldn’t work.


Thanks, Mark. But ‘space after’ (or before) doesn’t seem to work.

My question remains–Does KWN work with two Separators? Anyone?