Does Scrivener no longer support AppleScript

There’s a lot of little things that might solve some of user concerns. Similarly Evernote has many features, but the few scripts really allow me to be more efficient like the script to batch append/prepend titles. I would love to have this in Scrivener adding things to distinguish versions/alternative scenes _V2, _V3 or _A2. They could be easily searchable by text and it provides crucial info when using in Scrivenings or when I want to compile/export to editors/producers who don’t use Scrivener. Of course there could be script to remove this custom text too. Im’ currently working out a flow to handle these with Sriveners robust features (labels, keywords, custom checks/lists that should suffice if I could put it on the printed page, but even then the title “annotation” is solid searchable and visual. Thanks.

Scrivener has never supported AppleScript, sorry. – Katherine

That’s not true, or at least there were many attempts. There’s a whole section on this site dating from 2007-2013 about supporting it. Perhaps it was just speculation or wish list.

That was “what should an AppleScript library include?” It was never implemented.


Okay. Thanks