Does Scrivener support ligatures?

Hi. I am using a font that supports ligatures. In the attached example, for instance, the “sh” in “banished” is a ligature.

Within the Scrivener editor, I select the text and then click on Format > Font > Ligature > Use All, but the ligature does not appear. Is there something else I need to do to get this to work? Thx.

I think it may depend on the font.

Here is Cardo, with all of the ligatures turned on in the Font Dialogue (cmd-t) – click the three dots with the circle and unfold ‘Typography’. As you can see, ligatures are displayed with no problem:

So it may be worth testing with other fonts to narrow the problem down. What’s the name of the font you’re using — perhaps others could test to see if we get the same issue?


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That worked. Thank you. Much appreciated.

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