Does Scrivener work with MS Speech Recognition?


I bought a copy of Scrivener, but unfortunately I can not use it unless it works with speech recognition, since I have a very severe case of carpal tunnel…
I’m working on Windows 7 and using the free Microsoft speech recognition engine and not the expensive Dragon. Is there any solution?


Hi Mary,

Unfortunately, Scrivener currently does not work with most voice recognition software, as the framework it uses is unsupported. Some users have been able to work comfortably by dictating to another window and inserting the text into Scrivener’s editor (for example, Windows 7 voice recognition supports a “scratchpad”, which you can set up using these steps, although sadly I’ve heard the scratchpad on Win7 is pretty flakey), but you will not be able to control Scrivener directly. We are aware of the inconvenience and are looking at options, as we’d very much like to include voice control support in a future version.

I’m very glad to hear that. I looked into installing Dragon 12 but a lot of people seem to have problems with it so I’m using the (free) Windows 7 version. The scratch pad doesn’t seem to work for some unknown reason (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t but I’ve never seen it work with Scrivener) so I’m using Notepad instead and copy pasting as I go.

It would be wonderful not to have to work around it.

Personally I am using Dragon 12 Pro with Scrivener in conjunction with the Dragon dictation window as Scrivener does not support Dragon dictation natively (or is it the other way around). It works quite nicely, albeit a number of minor formatting issues (originating from Dragon).
I would prefer a native Dragon integration with Scrivener, as Scrivener is my preferred writing tool prior to proof-reading, so most of the actual hardcore text-creation is done in Scrivener. :unamused:

Your reply is dated back in April 2014. What progress have you made to make Dragon Naturally Speaking and Scrivener more compatible? Dictating to MS Word and copy and pasting is an extra step I would like to eliminate. Trying to use Dragon directly in Scrivener is masochistic at best.

I commented on my recent experience with Dragon and the beta Scrivner for Windows here…


As explained earlier, the trouble is that the framework Scrivener uses isn’t supported by DNS, so there needs to be compatibility there to enable full interoperability between the programs. We do hope to be able to offer some sort of voice recognition support in the next major upgrade, whether with DNS or the built-in Windows software–both, if possible, certainly–but working around the current limitations is not an easy task. The next major release will use an updated version of the framework which may offer some new options (still not full support, sadly) and we’ll be taking the time to try to hammer out compatibility if at all possible.