Does Scrivener3 support iCloud?

Been a while since I checked the site and came back and noticed there was a new version (I have version 2).

As I recall there were some technical reasons with the file format being a folder that iCloud wasn’t able to support at the time. Has that been resolved with Scrivener 3?

If not, would an uncompressed Zip file format resolve the issue and be easy to implement (I imagine no on the latter)

EDIT: I have the same question about Google Drive. Also, I found an official looking post about related services, but it was from 2009! (A decade old!)

Assuming you mean for sync between Mac and iOS, nothing has changed. Dropbox is still the only supported way.

But you can save your zipped backups where ever you want.

For macOS-only use – perhaps with multiple machines – you can use iCloud Drive. I do this every day without any issues.

For use with the iOS version of Scrivener, I believe Dropbox is still the only option.

The only problem with iCloud, in comparison with Dropbox (or Sync) is the lack of menubar signal re whether everything is uploaded/downloaded or not, so you have to be extra careful. Also, allowing iCloud to manage your Desktop and Documents folders is a shortcut to disaster! But with care it’s usable, I believe, but I use Dropbox and Sync for active projects, keeping my zipped backups on iCloud.

Google Drive is a much more serious problem, I believe.



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I think iCloud is OK for Desktop and Document folders as long as you turn off Maximize Mac Storage. That feature, if activated, will try to save local storage space by keeping some things in cloud storage when they’re not accessed all that often. That doesn’t work well even for “shoebox” apps like Ulysses, and definitely isn’t a good idea for a hybrid app like Scrivener.

I just meant for MacOS only. Like between laptops. So iCloud and Google Drive work on MacOS version?

Re Google Drive: … e-advisory
Re other cloud sync services, including iCloud: … c-services

Maximising Mac Storage was what I meant was a shortcut to disaster on iCloud, but even with that turned off I don’t use it between my laptops because I can’t check at a glance whether the changes to the project(s) have finished uploading/downloading before I shut down or open the project when I change machines.


The indicators have improved on macOS in Finder. A completion indicator appears in the iCloud Drive sidebar item and affected folders. (It would be nice to have a menu bar icon, for sure.)

I’m not going to die defending this hill, but I really do use iCloud all the time and haven’t had any issues. I sync many apps via iCloud Drive. (Whisper it, but I also sync my Scrivener/Application Support folder, too :open_mouth: )

I use Scriv only on one Mac but have found iCloud Drive perfectly fine for all my Scriv files—again, with Maximize Mac Storage safely turned off.