Does this make the keyboard "softer"?

Does anyone have experience of how typing feels with such protective covers? I find my Macbook keyboard a little too hard (direct) and would like to make it a little “softer”. Does that work with these “whatever they are called”? Thank you!

I use them. Other than getting caught on my fingers sometimes, they work well. Now typing without one now feels too slick, however.

Thanks a lot @jcarman
Can you explain this in more detail for me? How does the difference feel when typing with or without?
Too slick because you get stuck on it? But then you would hardly say “they work well” :thinking:

Without the cover, the original keys feel slick by comparison. It softer, being rubber

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Considering the average price of $5… just buy and try.

But keep in mind: “If you use a […] keyboard cover with your Mac notebook, remove the cover before closing your display to prevent damage to your display.” Using a camera cover, palm rest, or keyboard cover on a Mac notebook - Apple Support

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