Does updating Scrivener remove snapshots?

Does anyone know if updating Scrivener remove snapshots?

I do recall that when upgrading from Scrivener 1 to 3, snapshots were removed, but how about updating in in different Scrivener 3 versions? Also, does anyone know if you can import the Scrivener 2 snapshots into Scrivener 3? Thanks.

Hi. No worries for built updates. Snapshots are safe.

P.S. There never was a V2 under windows.

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Yes! I meant is there a way to import Snapshots from Scrivener 1 to Scrivener 3? For example, can I drag the old Scrivener 1 snapshots folder into the Scrivener 3 snapshots folder? Or would the snapshots not be recognized because Scrivener has been overhauled?

The only safe way to upgrade a project is to open it in the new version directly. When doing so, you will be asked if you wish to upgrade its format this at time, and will be informed that a backup of the project in its older state will be created in the same folder.

That will upgrade your snapshots along with everything else that is supported in the new version. Dragging elements of an old v1 project into a v3 project folder is very much not recommended. It won’t work in nearly every case, and may just result in a bunch of orphaned files being recovered. I can’t really say what all could happen, because nobody has tested such a thing! The snapshots folder will be upgraded to the new format along with everything else.

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Thank you, Amber. I remember a while ago when Scrivener 3 was just released and then I upgraded my Scrivener 1 project to Scrivener 3 and there was a message about how snapshots would be lost (they were lost). I am just wondering if there is a way to get them back into the Scrivener 3 project.

Hmm, strange, was that back during the beta? I don’t recall that being a limitation upon official release. The only major omission I am aware of (unintentional) was that external Project and Document References (such as to websites) were lost when upgrading. This was later fixed, and they now properly upgrade to Bookmarks.

Well if they were not upgraded with the project, probably not. You’d have to go back and upgrade the old project to get them properly associated with their binder items, but in doing so a whole new set of random IDs would be generated.

What might be best is to do that, without the intention of “merging” them in, and just use that upgraded project to export the snapshots back out as RTF files (Documents ▸ Snapshots ▸ Snapshots Manager is the tool you’re looking for, for that; see §15.8.4, under subheading, Exporting Snapshots to Files). You could then at that point import them into the main project as loose binder items, basically. Not perfect, but you’d have them under your fingertips at any rate.

Edit: Yes, I checked our records, and support for snapshot upgrade was added and verified shortly before official launch. So my guess is that you must have upgraded this at some point during the beta, if it is missing its old snapshots.

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Yes, that is probably the case. I believe I participated in the beta and then converted my Scrivener 1 project to Scrivener 3 and saw that the snapshots was lost. Then, I tried to convert it back to Scrivener 1 project but the snapshots were already gone so I decided to stick with Scrivener 3.

Thank you for your help.

You could reimport from v1 to v3 under a different project name.
Then move the doc you want the snapshots of in your current project.
Delete the text from it.
Merge that old doc with your ongoing version.
That’ll get you your snapshots.

Backup your current project first and at key points, in case it goes sideways. (Make sure your backup setting in the options retains enough backups so that you don’t overwrite the very first one if you end up doing a couple. (!))

Also: Make sure the current version of your document is higher than the old one in the binder before merging, or else I think it’ll mess up the metadata, if you have set any.

I haven’t tested any of this. (But yet I am confident it would work.)


Interestingly, I had to do a major rewrite on a potential book to reduce the word count. So I used the Save As function to create a new Project to manipulate and found none of the old snapshots from the source project were saved. has this happened for others in the windows project with latest update?

I don’t use snapshots often, but just ran a quick test. Created a few snapshots in the Tutorial project, then did Save As. I was unable to replicate this issue., as the snapshots were carried across to the new project.

In your case, is the Snapshots folder of the new project empty?


Your right, I had thought I had used snapshots during the editing process of the original project and must have deleted them so there were none to carry forward. It may have been a sluggish project issue.