Dog & Television

Do any of you have a dog that insists on standing in front of the television - or anything else you want to watch?

Find & Replace does that. The dialog box frequently positions itself in front of the item being searched for. Not always. Often enough.
I don’t know how tough this is to fix. Two approaches might be finding the y coordinate of the phrase and avoiding it, or fixing the dialog box to one out-of-text spot.
Early versions of Word had the same problem, not now. So it should be fixable.
(Running Scriv 1.6 on Win XP SR3)

Have fun! Rob

I’m having that problem AND the opposite problem with “Show Spelling”, it’s also working like a cat at “give the cat a pill” time.

When I’m in “write” mode, I don’t want to stop to fix typos, I just want to write. I turn off “check spelling as you type”, the red squigglies irritate me. Later, when it’s time to fix typos, I want to run through quickly with the spellchecker, and laugh at myself as I fix the interesting things I’ve done. “Show next” in “Show Spelling” shows what it wants me to change something TO, but doesn’t scroll me to where the error is, so I’m left wondering what it is that Scrivener wants me to change to “antihero” (turns out it was “antoher”, my favorite typo for “another”). Without context, I really don’t know what I want to change it to, I am really creative in some of my typos. LOL

I’d like “Show next” in “Show Spelling” to scroll the text to the error (“Here, kitty-kitty-kitty!”) and not cover it with the dialog box (“Fido, SIT!”).

Smiling at what happens on software where a particularly creative-tending audience writes the bug reports.

It’s very enjoyable on a sunday - imagine the same on various lands where this thing is being constructed.

Nice image, about the dog. Reminds me of something my Norwegian grandmother used to say to her husband, who in his Victorian suit would plant himself in front of the new-to-all-of-us television.

“You make a better door than window, Bas…”