Don't apply styling to prefix / suffix in compile format settings

When compiling via Markdown/Pandoc, in the settings for Compile Formats I can assign a particular prefix or suffix to a given style, for example:

::: {custom-style="Centered"} 
My text ...

to retain custom styles in the output.

For styles that are not treated as raw markup, when the first line of “My text …” happens to be formatted as bold or italic, that formatting is applied to the prefix too, so that I get
**::: {custom-style="Centered"}**
which prevents its processing.

I can’t think of a scenario where it would make sense for the prefix to take the formatting of the first line of text.
Would it be possible to change that behavior so that formatting of the next line is never applied to a prefix/suffix? Or, alternatively, give the user the option to “Treat prefix/suffix as raw markup”?

Many thanks!

I looked for that too (for different reasons tho).
I gave up. I don’t think it is avoidable as it is now.
(Windows’ version)