Don't put "Chapter XX" on the final chapter

I’m using Scrivner 23-Jun-12 edition, compiling a Kindle book

I have a book of 25 chapters and an Afterword chapter. I’d like that chapter to say “Afterword” and not “Chapter 26”. In the TOC it says “Afterword,” but on the page title for that page it says “Chapter Twenty-six,” which is not at all what I want.

How do I do this?

And ideally, I could have a Preface called “Preface” that is not numbered, and a Chapter 1 that is labeled/numbered Chapter 1, but I couldn’t get this to work at all. The Prefact got called “Chapter One,” and then Chapter 1 becomes “Chapter Two,” and so on.

If your binder is organized like this:
example binder.jpg

Then you can go to your compile settings and tell it to treat level 1 documents differently than level 1 folders, eliminating the “Chapter X” part.

If you have each chapter as a document (no folder or stacks of documents), then you might consider putting your front material and back material into folders, and then change the compile settings to treat level 2+ documents differently than the level 1 documents. You would also manipulate it so that nothing special is done with folders, so that they’re mostly invisible in the final compile output.

What people usually do to handle custom section naming is to utilise the level based capacity in the Formatting pane. If you haven’t played with it before, you can not only configure different types of icons in the binder to act differently, but you can tell icons at one level to act differently from icons on another level. Thus, a Preface and Afterword text file at the top level of the Draft can do something different than text files that are contained within a folder at least level 2 or greater. How you do that depends on how you’ve written your book, so it’s hard for me to give you a universally applicable example. Refresh on posting: I was going to describe the most basic example based on the templates we provide, but Robert has already done so. I would only add to his comment at the end that you can disable the “Include in Compile” checkbox for any dummy folders like this. That’s the safest way to handle structure-only items in the Draft as you might otherwise want to use folders in a functional capacity at that level. The files/folders beneath it will still be considered Level 2+ for purposes of matching Formatting rules, even though the folder itself is omitted entirely.

The ToC is going to be in all but the most basic cases, just a nice little convenience for your proofing, or at the best a starting point from which you can edit it further for final output. It does not have many options yet, and no facility for overriding it entirely with a custom ToC. These will be implemented in time, but for now you’ll need to touch up the ePub file in an editor after you compile.