Don't quite get it guys...

Hi folks.

I am writing my second screenplay. The first one I wrote in Word. I have gone through the manuals but still haven’t got this in my head.

  1. I create a scene in the corkboard view then go to document view and back to cork board. The scene name is listed under Scenes on the left hand side in the Binder column but the cork board index card has disappeared. The scene shows up on the right hand side in a section called Synopsis. I want to get back to the index card so I can edit it.

I am in Screenwriting template using Windows 10

Allan Hunkin

It might be a good idea to go through the Tutorial project, if you have not done so already. It is very quick and explains a lot about the basic usage of Scrivener. Give it spin. It will not take much time. Definitely less time than searching the forums for solutions.

The advice to read the tutorial is sound – it only last about an hour and you’ll save yourself a lot of problems.

Very quickly about your specific points.

The text in the Synopsis IS the text on the cork board card. You can edit it in either place.

By design, the cork board shows documents that are IN the item you’ve selected in the binder on the left – so if you select the document itself you won’t see its card. Instead the text from the card is available in the Synopsis in the Inspector where it can be edited. If you want to see the cards themselves, then you have to select the item containing that document in the binder (i.e. its ‘parent’), and then select Corkboard view.

But, do yourself a favour and read the tutorial before going any further. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and effort.