Don't use Subversion, yet keep all your changes

At work I use a version control system for editing code and web pages. However it’s fiddly, often crashes etc.

The concept of incremental savings is powerful however. Having a safety net, reversing changes etc. So I understand why someone would undertake the effort to get a version control system going.

There are two parts to version control. One is the collaboration aspect, several people working on one project. The other is having a safety net and the ability to roll back changes.

I checked out two file based alternatives for the Mac, one didn’t work at all, the other, while it did work, wasn’t offically updated for Leopard

For the later I found a suggestion in the Tinderbox forum called QRecall It has a very slick GUI and it’s specialty is creating incremental diffs or changes file per file, so you could set it up to backup your Scrivener project every 15 minutes, and then consolidate those backups daily to one set and then those daily sets to a monthly set.

It’s intelligent enough to only record changes inside files, even binary ones. So you could stop worrying about invisible files in your scrivener folder and all the other caveats when trying to treat a Scrivener package as a folder.

And in contrast to time machine the backups are whole lot more efficient. I’ve set up time machine to only run every 3 hours because it gets on my nerves with my slow Mac Mini. With QRecall I can give special care to all the files where I actually create content and am interested in minute to minute changes, make snapshots every 15 or even every 5 minutes without bogging down my machine and leave the rest to Time machine.

I myself like using the Backup Project To function. That way I am sure the back is actually done.

But sounds cool if one wants a subversion type workflow. Thanks for the info.

This might be better in SOFTWARE by OTHER FOLKS thread though…


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