Double Click in Corkboard on Card

Hello! Newbie here loooving Scrivener. Finally went through the whooooole tutorial and now I’m afraid I may have missed something or it isn’t in the beta or … I know there are options for what happens if you double click the cork/empty space in the corkboard mode but I haven’t been able to find a way to modify the behavior for when I double click on an actual card.
For example ideally if it is just one card I would like to be able to double click and it open in the same editor window and if it is a card with children cards I would like to open up a corkboard with those cards. Is this possible to do in the beta?

You cannot change the double-click behaviour, but perhaps this will produce the results you hope for.

You can split the editor either horizontally or vertically and open the corkboard you wish in one of them. You can then set that editor to ‘Automatically open selection in other editor’ by clicking on the icon in the footer. As long as you have set “Treat all documents with children as folders”, clicking on any card with children in the corkboard should open the corkboard in the other editor as well.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Bryan- this seems like a useful tip that I’ll have to remember especially opening in a Copyholder window. As far as I understand though there is no way to access the children cards directly from the Corkboard mode? I have to go over to the binder and navigate from there?

Maybe this is the option you are thinking of?

That second setting under File > Options > Behaviors > Corkboard has three choices: Do nothing, Create new card, or Open parent corkboard.

I haven’t tested whether those options are functional yet.


Thanks Miik I can confirm that it is working in the latest beta (at least for me it is). I use that feature often for creating new cards but was looking for something that would allow me to navigate down instead of up. I was hoping to find a way to double click on a parent card and have its children open in the corkboard mode. I’ve searched all over options and haven’t found a way so I’ve just been navigating in the binder. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the final release to make a feature request or something :slight_smile:

Just looking at the Mac Scrivener 3 version, have you tried double-clicking on the icon that’s in the upper left corner of each index card? For Mac, this is how you open a document’s children as a corkboard, and according to the manual, how it’s done in Windows Scrivener 1.9x as well.

If you have already tried this and it doesn’t work in the beta, never mind. :blush:

Thanks SILVERDRAGON . I opened up 1.9 and when I double click (on the upper left icon) with the left button it just opens up the document. Same thing for me with the beta. I’m not sure at this point if this isn’t something I checked or unchecked while playing around in settings :confused: Thanks to your suggestion though I remembered the up/down icons on the right also navigate levels. I guess I’ll just try to remember to use those once I’m in the corkboard mode.

This is the behaviour I see now on Scriv 3 Mac, that I used to see on Scriv 2 Mac, and which my son sees now on Win Scriv 1.9x. To be clear, in order to open as a corkboard, the document or folder must already have at least one child document. You can’t get to a blank corkboard from double-clicking, if that’s what you want. On the other hand, Win Scriv 1.9x manual describes the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-2 to switch to the corkboard view.

So double-clicking on a document’s index card icon either opens a corkboard with its descendant documents, or the document itself if it has no descendants. If the latter, Ctrl-2 should switch view to its (empty) corkboard. I confirm this is current Mac Scriv 3 behaviour, and also current Win Scriv 1.9x behaviour. If Win Scriv Beta is not behaving like this, that’s likely a bug. :smiley:

Hope this helps!

Many thanks Silverdragon to you and your son for helping a newbie out! Your second post is what made it click. I was double clicking on the icon like you mentioned. I was just getting the contents of that document in the editor not the children cards. I didn’t realize I needed to turn it back to the corkboard mode to see the attached children cards. Thanks for the corkboard shortcut as well. Happy writing :smiley: