Double-click on folder in corkboard: show cos on corkboard

Hi! Many, many thanks for all you do making this amazing and indispensable powerhouse of a s/w package.

Tiny thing. (Apologies if it’s been asked before - I did search for it…) When viewing a folder in corkboard view, if I’d like to open the contents of the folder (its child documents) in the same pane, I have to control-click and select a submenu (Open -> In [Right | Left] Editor), or do the equivalent from the gear icon. It’s a rather fiddly process, and I do it quite a lot. It would be great if double-clicking on the notecard for the folder opened the enclosed docs in the corkboard view in that pane. (Or at least if this option could be set. Apologies if it can! I also looked for this, too…)

I’d suggest that this behaviour is A) more intuitive and B) more useful than entering the title or body for editing - which could be done as the as the Mac finder does, with click-pause-click.

Many thanks!

Michael Stephen Fuchs

In Scrivener, the icon for an item is often treated differently than the rest of the row or object you are working with. For example, if you right-click on an icon in the Binder you’ll get immediate access to the custom icon menu, rather than having to drill down into it, as you must when right-clicking on the text directly to the right of the icon. Likewise, double-clicking on a Reference icon will load it, while double-clicking on the description of it will rename it. This same logic follows for the Corkboard: double-click on the icon to load a card, double-click elsewhere to edit stuff.

You needn’t rely upon the mouse, either. From the keyboard, use Opt-Cmd-O to load the selected card(s) into the editor, and Shift-Cmd-O to load them in the opposing split editor. Windows has shortcuts for these commands as well, Ctrl-Shift-Return and Ctrl-Alt-Return, respectively.