Double-clicking internal links in the Inspector fails

My set-up is:
Editor pane 1 shows cards, and is ‘locked’ (window header is red). It is set to automatically show the selected card in the second editor pane. The Inspector is ‘locked’ to Editor 1, and shows Document References.

  • I select a card in Editor 1 that has internal link references.
  • I double click the icon on one of the ‘internal link’ references. The text appears in Editor pane 2.
  • I move the focus to Editor pane 2 and make an edit.
  • I move focus back to the Inspector, which still displays the list of references, and double-click on another internal link.
  • There is no response: Editor pane 2 still displays the first item.

This is because the clicked link opens in the “Other” editor, meaning the editor not currently active; it’s not related to the inspector being locked. For your initial click, Editor 1 is the active editor, so the reference loads in Editor 2, the other editor. When you focus in Editor 2 and edit there, it is now the active editor (you should see the header turn blue instead of grey), so when you click a link in the inspector, it tries to load in Editor 1, which is now the “other”. Since Editor 1 is locked, nothing happens.

I can see the point of the intention, to have Editor 2 consistently act as the supporting editor, whether or not it’s active, so I’ll run this by Keith–I don’t know the background that went into this acting as it does, and how complex it would be to add an option so that if the target editor is locked (as Editor 1 is here), the link that should load there instead opens in the other editor. The Mac version has a navigation option to that effect for binder clicks, so it may be doable for references as well.

Meanwhile, if you just click back into Editor 1 before loading another link, it should all work for you.

I get it, thanks. The tweak you suggest would be helpful too.