Double Clicks Should Select Word + Space

When double clicking a word, S should select the word and the following space. This allows the user to easily select a word and drag and drop it to another place in the sentence. The editor in this forum works this way.

Without that, moving a word is not simple.

On the other hand, that would mean selecting a word to italicize or bold it would also apply that formatting to the space next to the word, or necessitate extra work to unmark the space. Can’t really get behind that.

I agree.

If double clicking a word also selected the following space, it would function consistently with both single- and multi-word selection with the keyboard, which when selecting rightward always selects through the right-side space.

The way single-word/double-click selection works now, cutting a single word leaves 2 blank spaces where the word was, and pasting it (typically at the start of an already-positioned word) requires adding a space. The latter isn’t that big a deal, but the former can be a pain, especially since it’s not as easy to notice and is counterintuitive.)

Overall, it seems like an oversight for single word doubleclicking to not select the forward space.

(It’s not unheard of for selection to work that way, eg, Notepad++ works that way, but everything from Word to Notepad to Gmail to everyday browser fields (including the text box I’m tying in at this very moment) all work by selecting the forward space.)