Doubled apostrophe when importing from MS Word

Hello, I’ve noticed, after importing some (Italian) Word documents, that some apostrophes are doubled. I’ve checked with the original file, and it doesn’t contain any occurrence of those double apostrophes.
Here’s an example:
l’abbondanza becomes l’'abbondanza
c’è becomes c’'è
Also, the same happens with and characters, they’re doubled in some instances and not in others.
This forces me to do a search and replace every time I import some external documents from MS Word, unfortunately, and while it’s possible to do a search on the whole document, it’s not possible to ‘search and replace’ on a global basis, so every time I have to apply the s&r to each single chapter individually, for each doubled character (which on a long documents is a real pain as you can imagine).
Let me know if you need more info about this bug, and I’ll be glad to provide it.


Any use…

Thanks, I wasn’t able to find it when I searched before posting, hope that helps! :slight_smile: