Downgrade V3 project to V2

I have ended up with an old mac, that doesnt run V3.
I do have the IOS version installed, which loads the project fine.

What would be the best way, please, to get export the project, allowing me to import it back into V2?


Do you still have access to version 3 (either PC or Mac)? If so, from there you can open the project and use the File ▸ Export ▸ as Scrivener 2 Project... menu command.

No, thats the problem.
I didn’t realise my old iMac didn’t run v3 as its on El Captain.

All right, if you’re comfortable doing so, feel free to send a copy of the project to tech support, and we can help you get it sorted out.

Wow, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hmmm, getting this error:
The server response was: Number of files or folders in attachment exceeds limits

So I have emailed you a link to the project in the public folder of my Dropbox.

Again, thank you so much for this help :slight_smile:

That will work just fine! And yeah, it has a limit of something fairly small, like 10mb.

Have mailed the link.

Thanks again L&L, this is service above and beyound.

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Sorry to bother, might it be possible to get the version 2 of the project today please?
Thank you

My bad - I missed the message from you.

Big thanks to L&L for their help.
I do hope this makes it onto a google search - people need to know the service that you offer your customers is above and beyond what one would normally expect - now that has to be worth some sales :slight_smile:

Oh well, I guess I have no excuse not to work now either :slight_smile: