Downloading docs from Dropbox to Scrivener

I am very very new with the Scrivener and Dropbox App, and what I am trying to do is download a doc from Dropbox to Scrivener to begin to work on it in Scrivener.

I see the doc in Dropbox, Apps, Scrivener file, but I can’t get it to appear in Scrivener. I am stumbling around tapping everywhere looking for it in Scrivener or trying to discover how to download it, and I am having no success, and it has been more than a few hours.

I assume that you are trying to do is import some kind of text document (e.g. Word doc) into a project in Scrivener (on iOS).

  1. First open the Scrivener app on iOS and open the project you want to receive the file import.

  2. Now get into the Dropbox app on iOS. You need to hit the ‘…’ pop-up menu next to the file you want to share to Scrivener. On the pop-up menu, pick Share, and under that pick Export. If Scrivener does not show up on the lateral list of apps, click on the More… button and find Scrivener on the list there and pick it. This will send the file to the currently open project in Scrivener and import it there. It will show you the resulting contents in the editor pane and you will see the filename in the Binder list.


p.s. All this has nothing to do with Scrivener’s built-in Dropbox facility – which applies specifically to having actual Scrivener project files stored on Dropbox and accessible directly in the app.