Downloading file list to iPhone/iPad never ends

It’s probably been over a year since I wanted to use Scrivener on iOS, but when I go into it, and do the ‘Sync now’ it changes to ‘Downloading file list’ and stays like that. I’ve left it for over an hour and the phone gets hot, then the app crashes. It’s the same situation on my phone and iPad. There’s obviously a lot of stuff that needs to be downloaded, but is there some way I can get the file list without getting the contents of those files? So I can then select which of the files I want to ‘fully’ download? What’s the way out of this problem?

Using Dropbox? If so, check that it’s working by using the Dropbox app to check it out. If not Dropbox, use the relevant app. Sync is controlled mostly by the sync engine, not Scrivener. Also ensure you have space available on the iPhone and iPad.

I’m using Dropbox. Dropbox appears to work fine on both devices.

Is an answer to delete the Scrivener iOs app and reinstal?

That’s what I would do… I’d also re-start the devices.

How did you determine that Dropbox synching working ok? Also, and I don’t have it at hand to check for you, but the Scrivener Manual have some sync trouble shooting guidelines.

I deleted the app on the iPad, reinstalled it, and did the sync, that was about 40 mins ago and its still saying ‘downloading file list’

Not sure what you mean by syncing working ok? I went into the Dropbox App, and went to the Scrivener folder and all the files are there as they are on the Mac. I presume if there was a problem with Scrivener connecting with Dropbox, Scrivener would tell me somehow? Rather than just starting the syncing process?

I think I’ve solved the problem. I first tried unlinking Dropbox, then re-linking, but that had no affect. Then I noticed that the little spinning icon at the top of the iPad screen, was flashing on and off when it was trying to download the file list for a while before it stopped. So it was getting to a stage and then just crashing by the looks of it, without giving me any message. Anyway I created a new folder on Dropbox, saved another version of my latest work into that folder (so there was only 1 project in that folder) and then pointed the iOS version at that folder, and it worked. After getting some error message about an old file type, it downloaded the project again and it worked fine. So what I’ll do from now on is just work on a main version on the mac, save it as a special iOS version and then download that version to iOS when I want to work on it there, and upload that version and save that as the main version when I want, That will also give me greater control over what goes where and when.