Downloading new templates

Hi folks. I’m new to scrivener and I’m writing a novel. I’m bad at plotting and outlining so I’d like to download an outlining template. I can find them to download and I can extract the zip files but when I try to import to scrivener, the folder where I saved the files is empty. I’m doing something wrong. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.


When you download a template you should have a folder called something like Some-Template.scrivtemplate. If you have a zip file instead then unzip that and you should now see a folder with a .scrivtemplate suffix. Don’t open it. Just put it on the desktop or somewhere where you can find it.

Now start a new project. When the New Project dialog box appears look at the bottom left. You will see a button there labelled Options. Click on that and choose Import Templates. When the file dialog opens navigate to the .scrivtemplate folder you put somewhere and select that.

Scrivener will now copy the template into the right place in its own structure and the template will then appear in one of the sets of templates down the left-hand side of the New Projects dialog box. It will probably be in Fiction, and if it isn’t then look in Miscellaneous.

Once you have done this the template will be available every time you create a New Project.

I hope this helps,