Downloading Project but not Syncking

I’d like to copy an entire project from my iPad to my laptop. I’m not interested in syncking the two projects. When I upload to Dropbox only one of the files is sent. How can I fix this?

I do not need syncking.

Scrivener projects are macOS Packages, with a *.scriv extention. In Finder they look like a single file but are not.

Did you get the “package” or indeed only one real file came across? How did you move the file from where it is on the iPad to the iPad’s Dropbox folder? Any reason you did not do a one-time “sync” to get the project moved across, letting iOS Scrivener get the project into position on the iPad correctly for you?

Using Dropbox is probably the slowest, least efficient and most complicated way to otherwise just plug your iPad into your Mac, open it up in Finder, and drag and drop the two projects you want to copy over into Scrivener’s storage area.

If you need more information than that, consult the user manual, §14.2.1, under subheading, Managing Projects Directly with File Management.

When I want to backup or otherwise copy/export a project from iOS Scriv -

On the iDevice, from the Scrivener projects screen, press Edit, select a project, and press Share/export icon. From here, select a method of transferring the project (cloud service, email, text message, etc.)

On the receiving device, unzip the project.


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