Downloading Scrivener 1?

I downloaded Scrivener 1 in April 2020 on an old computer. I just bought a new computer and need to download the correct version. I entered my email into the “lost license and recovery” page and got my recovery email with my license code. It says “Scrivener 1 for windows”, my license code, and the link to download Scrivener 1. Once I open Scrivener after the download and enter my license, it says the license I’ve provided is not valid for Scrivener 3.

This is confusing because the link I clicked in my recovery email clearly says “Download Scrivener 1”. So how do I download Scrivener 1 so my license will work?

Looking around the Literature and Latte web site for you, I ran across Download | Literature & Latte

I should have mentioned this in my original post, but I did download the legacy version that I believed to be the correct one and it still didn’t work. When I entered my license code it gave me the exact same error as the first time I tried. I still had the first download on my computer, do you think that was the problem? I know I attempted to open the legacy version on my second try because it says “legacy version”, but should I delete my first download of what is apparently scrivener 3 and then try?

Sorry, I have no experience debugging license issues. However, I’m aware that Literature and Latte won’t address licensing issues here on the forum and instead want you to contact their support for assistance.

Depending on how old your version of Scrivener 1.x was when you got your license, your license may pre-date the switch from eSellerate (who went out of business) to Paddle as the licensing service. Contact L&L Support directly so they can help you get your license situation sorted out.

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