Draft compiled and exported to .doc

I’m currently working with an editor who only accepts .doc files, so I compiled a draft and exported to Word. I checked the file myself in Word for Mac 2004 and everything looked okay, but my editor says there’s some kind of problem with line/paragraph breaks (she said the paragraph breaks are coded as line breaks?) and when she sent the file back, all of the paragraph indents are gone. My editor is working in Word for Windows, if that makes a difference.

This is maybe more a Word question than a Scrivener question, but maybe somebody knows the answer: I mostly just want to know, if I manually put all the paragraph breaks into the Word file and remove any line/paragraph breaks created in Scrivener, will the screw up the file more?

Make sure you use RTF when using a Word workflow. I know it sounds unintuitive, but the .doc format is only for cases where you absolutely need a .doc file. There are some mobile applications and such that cannot read the RTF format. Since Word reads it just fine, that’s the best format to use since that is where Scrivener produces the best output. If your editor refuses to accept RTF files, just change the extension on the file to .doc after you compile and they’ll probably never know the difference. :slight_smile:

The line-spacing/indent/etc issue is a known problem with the .doc exporter, which is provided by Apple.

Strange it looked fine in Word for the Mac, though. Try turning on Show Invisibles (in the Text menu). Are the return characters after each paragraph indicated by a paragraph marker or by an arrow?