Draft Navigator for iPhone

First, thank you for the excellent app, Keith.
I have one question for the Draft navigator. I like it very much, however I can not use it on the iPhone. I think that somewhere you mentioned that because of the small screen is not provided for iPhone. In my opinion it will be excellent if you provide it also for iPhone becase of the nice continous scroll that Draft navigator provides. In this way i can read the complete work in that section.
What is your thought on this, could this be added in the next release?

There are a couple of problems:

  1. Where to put the Draft Navigator icon on the iPhone? We crammed so much in, we ran out of space! There was nothing else we could leave out to put that in.

  2. The iPhone has a lot less memory available than the iPad, and the Draft Navigator can potentially use a lot of memory in order to build the text. Although, it shouldn’t use more than Compile, so this is a lesser issue.

All the best,

Thanks for the reply.
I understand the challenges. Regarding the first challenge: placing a Draft navigator icon next to the folder title in the Binder might be a good place. If you press it in Draft as top folder it present all the content in the Draft. If pressed the icon in some subfolder in the Draft, the Draft navigator will display only the content of that folder.
For the second issue, unfortunately I don’t have an idea.
Keep the good work and
All the best,