Draft Navigator/Scrivenings still not working, on iPadOS 15.2 Beta

You asked for fresh reports in a new bug topic, @AmberV, so here is one.

Definitely MIA

Yes, this one is already on the list, thanks.

Hi is there any update on this fix. I have just purchased Scrivener for iOS and was confused why this wasn’t showing. @AmberV

@fuzzywuzzy, this is a thing I know I’ve raised up a time or two too often, as I’m very confident that they are aware about this, and will get to it in due course.

It’s well understood how they prefer not to be chivvied – small team, independent folk (which are the best), and lots always to do, as operating systems pull features away, etc… And if you look back, you’ll see @AmberV has assured me it’s on the list.

I’d been mainly intending to keep a running score as to whether Apple fixed it, as I follow the customer Betas on iPadOS releases. Those are up to 15.3beta1 as of pre-Christmas – checked this morning, and they haven’t made a difference,

Looking at behavior, it seems pretty evident that the Scrivenings-equivalent is being built, but not displayed, as you get reasonable appearance and action on the scroll controls, including the unusually visible one at the bottom. So it is probably a change to how a pane widget functions unexpectedly, and though Apple should, Scrivener will likely have to fix it.

I’ve checked my bug reports to Apple, and this wasn’t included, so I will add that. I didn’t before as it seemed a bit obscure for them to run down, while I note that they don’t bother to reply to even rather severe things, though these do eventually and silently get fied. I’ll add this now, just in case it might help.

In the mean time, I’ve been getting considerable use out of simply compiling a project to text, where it comes up in a window for inspecting the whole. You can’t edit it as in Scrivenings, but you can see where you might, and easily go back to the text object in your project to make changes.

Hope this helps…and otherwise, it seems to me that Scrivener iPad, with all its very useful features you can learn beneath the surface, is working very nicely on this fresh release of the iPad system. A mark of well-conceived software, for sure…

What a fantastic message. Thank you for taking the time to reply and for providing an alternative solution. Really appreciate you getting touch

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Most welcome. For the record, here’s the text part of the report to Apple in their beta Feedback app.

In another part of that report, I gave them this page to understand the Draft Navigator:


Very simply:

  • be in any document of a Project
  • tap the Draft Navigator button, lower left of main pane (second in, shows as three-horizontal-line thin hamburger
  • Draft Navigator pane comes up in overlay (modal), but it is blank
  • given there’s text in the Project documents, the scroll controls operate, and in scale reproduce the length of the total text.
  • But, absolutely no text shows. That’s the problem. You should see all the Project’s text, in order.
  • in the title area at top, individual document segment titles do show, and if the segment has text in it, tapping on the blank screen will open the editor to that document.
  • But you don’t, again, ever see the text which should be continuous across all segments in the Draft Navigator.
  • Scrivener iOS has been a very reliable app for years, and so I suspect you changed some behavior of the pane they are using for this Draft Navigator.
  • They are quite a good bunch there, and hope you will help them — thanks!
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Somewhat distressing news, still missing six months later.

Just posted about these exact 2 things before I saw this message. Didn’t realize someone had asked about it last year.

It’s fixed!


Thank you! Just updated so I hadn’t noticed this yet.

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