draft statistics not affected by options

In project statistics, changing the options (eg exclude comments, count all documents, etc) has no effect on the results shown in the ‘draft’ section of project statistics.

If everything in the draft folder is selected, then the ‘selection’ section adjusts to reflect current options, while the draft section keeps staying the same.

This should be working as expected. In the Options tab, the available choices are grouped by whether they apply to the draft or the current selection. If the option is in one section it won’t impact the other. The idea here is that the draft count works off of your actual compile settings which are many more than what there could be checkboxes for (and no reason to duplicate all of those settings if we can just say that this section uses what is compiled to count up the stats). So if you don’t want comments counted, they shouldn’t be included in your compile settings. I’m not around a Windows machine at the moment to test this, but that is how it should be working.

got it—that is indeed how it is working. my mistake, i was referring to the options in the project stats dialogue; i now notice that the options section is titled ‘selection statistics options’.

thanks for the help!