Drag and drop binder objects between projects in tabs?

Situation: Several projects open and viewed in same window via Windows/Merge all windows". Now I want to move binder items from one tabbed project to another tabbed project. Standard behavior would be to select grab and drag binder objects from one project, to another project’s tab, which would open that tab and allow the user to complete the drag to the binder of that project. Copy from one tab to another tabbed project’s binder would be an alternative method. Neither seem to work???

Hi Randall.

Which version of macOS and Scrivener are you using?

I ask because I was testing what you’ve reported here, and I’m able to move documents or chapter folders from one project to another when viewing them as tabs. I tested it with three projects open on a MBP using macOS 14.2.1 and Scrivener version 3.3.6.

Nope. Still not working here. I am running Scrivener 3.3.6 on 2018 15 inch Intel MacBook Pro with macOS Sonoma 14.2.1. I’ve talked with others having the same problem. Tabs don’t respond to drags. Paste doesn’t do anything when binder docs are copied from one project and then navigating to another via tabs.

One thing to check is that Spring-loading is enabled under  ▸ System Settings ▸ Accessibility ▸ Pointer Control. If that’s off, dragging onto a tab won’t trigger it to open.

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