Drag-and-drop failes

I want to Drag-and-drop a pdf or file in Scapple but nothing happens :frowning:

Please is there anyone who will help me?

I just tried drag & drop into Scapple with an image file (jpg), a single-page PDF and multi-page PDF and it worked flawlessly each time (note that only the first page of a PDF will display). Can you provide more detail to describe what is happening for you? What type of files are you dragging? Do different files work? Note that I am just a regular user, so you may want to contact support at Literature and Latte directly via email to help troubleshoot what’s going on.

Details for L&L support can be found here: literatureandlatte.com/support.php

I’m in Scapple and want to pick up a file (whatever what: I tried pdf, Pages, Scapple).
I pickup the file and can drag it, but when I drop it it disappear.

Try clicking outside of Scapple, then dragging the file in.

Occasionally, when I first start Scapple, if I drag a file in it doesn’t register that Scapple is there and gets dropped onto the desktop. I can’t reliably replicate the effect, but it has happened twice. Is this happening to you? Are the files you were dragging now on your desktop (or whatever folder you had open in a window underneath Scapple)?

Either way, try clicking outside of Scapple before dragging and see if that works. It may help Keith track down what’s going on.